Authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority

Operational Authorisation Holder

Number: 6687

100% Safety

Safety is our number one priority and at the heart of all operations and everything we do.


Public Liability Insurance

EC785/2004 compliant - Provided by Flock Cover and Underwritten by Sompo

24 Hour Night Permission

Enhanced permission granted by the Civil Aviation Authority allowing us to operate 24 hours a day.



Introducing SkyeServe

Small Unmanned Aircraft, commonly referred to as drones,  are becoming a key player in many industries, making jobs easier whilst at the same time opening up new doors, possibilities and avenues that were once not seen to be possible.

Based in South Yorkshire, we are authorised to operate drones weighing up to 20 kilograms for commercial purposes. We aim to provide high quality unmanned aerial solutions and imagery to meet your needs.

SkyeServe provide beautiful end to end media content, ideal for your project or business ranging from aerial imagery and videography that can be used as marketing material such as brochures and social media content to more large scale commercial solutions including 2D mapping, inspection and site surveys.

Our Chief Remote Pilot is an experienced photographer with many years experience using DSLR cameras. Along with having a great eye for achieving the right angle, they have the ability edit the still images captured to high standard.


Authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority, Operational Authorisation Number. 6687.

We bring a copy of our insurance policy schedule and permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to every job.

Quick Turnaround

We aim to supply photos back to you within 24 hours. If you choose to have photos edited this may take a little longer but will be done as soon as possible.

For other services we aim to process them and get them back to you within 48 hours although we cannot guarantee it.


We can supply RAW photos and video to you for you to edit or we can edit them for you for an additional fee.


If you need your drone footage edited for you then we can provide top quality editing and colour grading to suit the production needs.

Secure Transfer

Files and content that are a result of our services will be transferred to you securely.

Electronic files will be made available for you to download from one of our file sharing partners with password protection for more sensitive files.


We value your privacy.

All details provided to SkyeServe are stored securely and kept confidential.

We will process data within the bounds of our Privacy Policy.

Courtesy of Sky Demon


Rules and Regulations

SkyeServe is governed and regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. It is therefore essential that we adhere to their regulations.


  • We must have permission from the landowner to take off and land from private land.

  • We can fly up to an altitude of 400 feet.

  • There must be a minimum of 50 metres distance, reduced to 30 metres for takeoff and landing, from people, roads or buildings that are not under the control of our remote pilot, increased to 150 metres for over 1,000 people unless we are able to bring these 'under our control'.


  • Certain areas carry extra restrictions whereby additional permission needs to be granted by the relevant parties. When operating near an aerodrome of any kind, we need to contact local Air Traffic Control to check that it is safe to fly and request any permissions required.


Our remote pilot assigned for the flight operation will have the final say if the conditions are not deemed to be safe.


To commercially operate a drone in the specific category within the UK legally, the UAS operator is required to have an Operational Authorisation granted by the CAA and EC/785/2004 compliant public liability insurance.


Crafted to your needs.

SkyeServe work across all industries, providing a wide range of professional and cost effective 'Solutions from the Sky' no matter what your requirement is.

Each service is tailored to suit your needs.

Please feel free to browse the services we have on offer in more detail. If you cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch.

All flights are carefully planned and risk assessments carried out. We will not fly in situations in which we feel the safety of the flight could be in doubt or compromised.


We appreciate that there are times where ground based imagery is required, either individually or in conjunction with an aerial based service, we can provide you with both.

We are always looking at and working on introducing new services.


Aerial Photography

Get a bird's eye view that is ideal for any promotional material.

We work across all industries for various occasions and  offer high resolution still imagery up to a height of 400 feet.

Aerial Videography

We provide aerial videography suitable for promotional purposes in Full HD or 4K.


This will give a unique perspective of your property and or land. We can provide RAW video or we can edit it for you.

Search & Rescue

Ideal for searching over vast areas for missing pets or people in need of rescue.

Drones can view hard to reach areas and cover larger areas of land quicker than people on the ground.

Construction Projects

Capture the fundamental stages of your construction project with phased imagery.

SkyeServe can even help provide images that can be used as part of a planning application if required.


Save time and money when inspecting hard to reach areas such as rivers, building roofs, structures, plant and equipment.


SkyeServe is safer, quicker and more cost effective than access platforms or scaffolding.

2D Mapping

professional 2D mapping service that is more up to date and detailed than the satellite data  provided by online map providers.


It can be used as a one off accurate up to date map source or data be collected periodically to  show changes over time.

Generic Photography

Professional standard, high resolution, photography service on the ground.


Suitable for press releases or other promotional material. We can also supply fully framed prints, ideal for office environments.

& More

Not found what you are looking for?

SkyeServe offer additional aerial solutions to suit your needs, these are just some of our most popular services

Please get in touch and we will endeavour to assist you.



In the news, around the world.

SkyeServe has captured content in the form of imagery and video footage of news events from the air.


Our content has featured on news broadcasts, online news articles and social media posts from news providers around the world.

Some of the news providers include:


A unique perspective, from the sky.

SkyeServe have amassed a broad portfolio covering all different industries and environments.


Some examples are available to be viewed below; images may be enlarged by clicking on them.​

Our original photos are of a much higher resolution, we have reduced the size to optimise the performance of our site for you.

Our video portfolio is available to view via YouTube:

Click here to visit our channel now


We share examples of our work on social media. on the platforms set out below, please feel free to like and or follow our pages to see our latest work and news.

We hope you like our work and thank you for your interest in SkyeServe.

We hope to hear from you.

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Each job, individually tailored.

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